The Ahora* project by Saenz Fety in Colombia

Eat This proudly puts the spotlight on its contributor Saenz Fety, a leading family company in Colombia which is now engaged in developing project Ahora*. Director Alejandro Saenz got inspired and excited by what happened in the front of the Guggenheim Museum, on the sidewalk of 5th Avenue last year (more about that here): in the midst of a global pandemic, the sustainable production of healthy, safe and above all tasty food made people realize what is important in their lives and gave a new edge to what is happening in the countryside, also in countries like Colombia.

For the first time in Latin America and Colombia such completely self-sufficient production unit will now be placed in capital Bogota as a tool of education and inspiration towards consumers, policy makers, entrepreneurs and investors.

Have a look at the project´s trailer. The article continues below the video.

Sáenz Fety is leading project Ahora* together with local partners  Universidad de los Andes, Minagricultura, Enel X and Corferias. Holland House, Embassy of the Netherlands and of course Eat This are supporting organizations. The production unit as such is built by Eat This contributor Infinite Acres and inside you’ll also find installations from contributors Hortilux, Metazet Formflex and Priva.  

The project seeks to transform the mindset regarding agriculture and the necessity, now more than ever, to understand the concepts regarding responsible production and consumption, thus promoting care for our young generations and preserving the land for future ones to come.

“We embrace possibilities, innovation and teaming up with designers, economists, politicians and creative thinkers to propose new alternatives for the future of food. But above all, we need to learn from nature. Nature perfected the processes long before we got involved. By having nature as our teacher, we can do what has always been possible: feed the entire world.
Some might say that Colombia is not ready, and they may be right. However, life is for those who are passionate about what they do and most importantly, to be part of the solution. With Ahora*, the status quo will be challenged, new ways of improving production will be explored, and thus we promote a more resilient, healthy and long-lasting future for all.”

Alejandro Sáenz, Corporate Relations Director at Sáenz Fety.

Want to learn more about project Ahora* or the options for implementing a completely self-sufficient production unit for YOUR project? Click here for more info!