Food for Thought Events: Creating context & connection

Food for Thought Events Creating context & fostering connection Food for Thought is an exhibition by renowned photographer and filmmaker Kadir van Lohuizen, hosted at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam. This thought-provoking exhibition delves into the origins of our food, exploring the intricate systems and global connections that sustain our modern diet. Kadir’s work

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EatThis. Update 2023 & 2024

What’s cooking at EatThis.? Get a taste of 2023 and 2024  Let’s explore EatThis.’s journey through the highlights of 2023 and our plans for 2024. From immersive residencies to innovative projects, discover our commitment to sustainable food production and innovation. Residency program In 2023, with the generous support of the provincial government of South-Holland, EatThis.

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EatThis. Residencies in horticulture

EatThis. Residencies At EatThis., we’re on a mission: feeding the world without harming the planet. And to make that happen, we know collaboration is key – not just within the food sector, but beyond it too. That’s why we actively engage with designers, thought leaders, medical professionals, influencers, economists, policymakers, and more. Together, we pool

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Hungry Ecocities – Hungry EcoCities – 1st Call for Artists now open!

Hungry Ecocities – European Experiment for innovation What is the role that digital technologies can play in growing healthy, sustainable food? This is the question that the first Open Call of Hungry EcoCities aims to answer. The call is directed towards artists who are capable of exploring digital questions using a combination of technology and art

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Urban Greenhouse Talks podcast series

urban greenhouse talks The Urban Greenhouse Talks is a five-episode podcast series organized by the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and hosted by EatThis. This series explore the world of urban farming through the lens of the Urban Greenhouse Challenge #3, an international student competition organised by the WUR.  The competition took place in 2022

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EatThis. Future Leaders Week

EatThis. Future Leaders Week For a resilient future of food, we need great future leaders. And now is the time to shape them! That’s why we organized the Future Leaders Week for talented, aspiring leaders from the companies that contribute to the EatThis network. Our 5-day leadership program took place from 4-8 July 2022, and

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Contributor Events

Contributor Events Around 3 to 4 times a year, contributors to the EatThis. network meet each other, both digitally and physically. EatThis. contributors support the activities and events of the platform financially (annual contribution), but more importantly by sharing knowledge, experiences and bringing forward input and new ideas that are in line with the platform’s vision: let

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Eat This Meet Ups

Eat This Meetups In collaboration with the World Horti Center, in 2020 we have hosted a series of online Meetups about horticulture and the future of healthy and sustainably grown food. During these online sessions visionary food sector players were matched to designers, philosophers, architects and other creatives to inspire, connect and look differently to

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