Eat This 2 time finalist in Dutch Creativity Awards

Horticulture puts itself in creative spotlight

Dutch communication agency Roorda and Foundation NethWork (the driving force behind our international platform Eat This) are finalists in the Dutch Creativity Awards in two categories: ‘Design/Spatial’ and ‘Covid’. Never before was a horticultural project nominated twice for such prestigious, creative awards. The award ceremony is taking place during a festival planned from 28-30 September 2021. 

Our entry (the video below titled ‘Eat This: Tomatoes on Fifth’) is now making its way around Dutch creatives and is a compilation of material shot shortly before New York went in lockdown, but also what happened in the months afterwards. 

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On 20-02-20 Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas opened his exposition ‘’Countryside, the Future’’ during a grand opening at the Guggenheim Museum. However, three weeks later the Big Apple went in lockdown. The city closed down, but the production unit on the sidewalk of 5th Avenue, in front of the Guggenheim remained open and tomatoes continued to grow. What was essential and vital kept on going; the production of healthy food.

On the other side of the street, in Central Park, a field hospital was put up to care for Covid patients. The metaphor on 5th Avenue, a completely autonomous ‘tomato greenhouse’ turned into an icon. Companies Priva, Infinite Acres, 80 Acres, Grodan, Koppert Biological Systems, Metazet Formflex, Hortilux Schreder / PL Lighting and Rijk Zwaan put horticulture on the world map and in the spot light during the pandemic.

Afterwards, global platform Eat This has expanded rapidly and now consists of 40+ purpose driven companies and organizations from 15 countries on 5 continents and it’s only the start of something even more beautiful. Click to read more on the Eat This platform and contributors

If you want to know more about Eat This, check out this short trailer that put food production and consumption where it belongs: in the heart of society.  

If you’re interested to become a contributor or would like to receive more information about Eat This, please contact Renee Snijders or Ed Smit.