EatThis. Residencies

At EatThis., we’re on a mission: feeding the world without harming the planet. And to make that happen, we know collaboration is key – not just within the food sector, but beyond it too. That’s why we actively engage with designers, thought leaders, medical professionals, influencers, economists, policymakers, and more. Together, we pool our expertise to generate innovative ideas and pragmatic solutions, shaping a future where food security is resilient.

Central to our approach are our immersive residency programs. These initiatives extend a warm invitation to influential figures. Over an intensive 3-day period, they delve into the world of horticulture, fostering fresh insights and breakthrough solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous food landscape.

Join us in our collective endeavor, where collaboration and knowledge exchange form the bedrock of progress. Together, we chart a course toward a brighter future for global nourishment.

This page serves as a comprehensive summary of the residency programs we’ve conducted over the past year. It provides a glimpse into the diverse and impactful collaborations that have taken place, highlighting the valuable contributions of each participant. Join us in our collective endeavor, where collaboration and knowledge exchange form the bedrock of progress. 

Philosopher in residence

In the past year, EatThis. has had the pleasure to invite various experts to the world of horticulture.
We kicked off with Clemens Driessen, philosopher at Wageningen University who was also involved in compiling part of the Guggenheim exhibition ‘Countryside, the Future’ and therefore did extensive research into the rich history of food production and its societal connections in the Westland area. During his meetings he focused on how the Westland area has evolved in terms of collective collaboration.

Photographer in residence

Kadir van Lohuizen was our first ‘photographer in residence’ in March/April 2022. Post-Covid, he was able to trace the difficulties the horticultural sector are dealing with, putting them in a global context. At the same time his work concentrated on portraying the people working in greenhouses. His work is currently being compiled into a television series (VPRO’s Tegenlicht), a series of articles in Dutch newspaper Trouw and the Washington Post. In autumn 2023 a large exposition on global food systems ‘Food for Thought’ will open at the Scheepvaart Museum in Amsterdam.

Medic and Scientist in residence

In the last week of August 2022, Hanno Pijl, well known Endocrinologist and Professor Diabetology at Leiden University Medical Center (Lumc) and author of several books on health and lifestyle visited several horticultural companies. As a doctor, he advocates a healthy lifestyle with healthy, unprocessed food, instead of resorting to medication too quickly. His passion for nutrition and health stems from the consulting room. 

He was impressed by what he experienced in his residency and plans to follow up along several lines of interest, ranging from preventive health care, but also projects that focus on designing new residential districts that connect with their residents’ health.

Sports & Health Professionals in residence

In December 2022, 3 renowned professionals in the world of Food & Top Sports met with the world of Horticulture and Food Production:
Benito Maij, former Olympic Judo Coach and founder and director of the SportsLink platform.
Esther van Etten, sports dietician, entrepeneur and Podcast host. Leroy van de Ree, online food expert with more than 224.000 followers.

The common thread of their in-residency was the relation between healthy plants and healthy people, and how to positively affect health. 

Comedian & Anthropologist in residence

From February 1 – 3 2023, EatThis organized another multi-day residency in horticulture. This time, comedian, writer, tv and radio host Dolf Jansen and corporate anthropologist Jitske Kramer were invited for a deep dive into the world of modern food production. The versatile duo started their journey with a visit to the Westlands Museum for some historical perspective, whereafter they paid visits to a selection of renowned Dutch horticulture companies for guided tours and meetings with their visionary leaders. With lots of media exposure, we haven’t only been able to immerse them into this wonderful world, but many viewers and readers as well.

Young Food Professionals in residence

On June 21, 22 and 23, 2023, EatThis. hosted three young and ambitious professionals in an intensive 3-day residency program in the Dutch Westland. Atoesa Farokhi, León Feenstra and Jens van der Duim are professionally devoted to connecting the world of food to society, each in their own way. With this residency program, we aimed to accelerate their understanding of the horticulture sector and its potential, as well as create meaningful, intergenerational connections.

Professors and Authors in residence

In July 2023, our residents were Danielle Eiseman & Michael Hoffmann, both professors at Cornell University CALS and authors of “Our Changing Menu: Climate Change and the Foods We Love and Need.

Their book has got everything to do with our future of food, which is why we were excited to connect them to the world of horticulture. It was another interesting week, exploring and discussing how to feed the world.

Science writer & Entrepeneur in residence

EatThis residency program with Simon Rozendaal

From 29-31 August 2023, we invited two old hands in the trade to dive headfirst into the world of horticulture and food production. We’re accompanied by Simon Rozendaal, a renowned science journalist for EW Magazine, accomplished writer, seasoned chemist, and unwavering optimist for progress, and André Jansen, tech enthusiast, founder and driving force of Maan Group’s innovative strides. From time-honored practices to cutting-edge technologies, they uncovered every facet of this captivating world of food production.

Plant Geek in residence

After a year of geeking on plants in our in-residency programs, it was time to invite THE biggest plant geek of all: Michael Perry, aka. Mr. PlantGeek

While he is no rookie in the world of horticulture, we were thrilled to welcome him for an immersive 3-day residency program in the Dutch Westland, to explore and discuss our future of food in a fun way.


We will keep you posted on specific project and activities that will come out of these ‘in residencies’. If you would like to join a residency or invite specific experts or influencers to get involved and be part of the next EatThis. In Residency, contact us!