Eat This participates in the Urban Greenhouse Challenge

Making impact as a Vision & Alliance partner

Eat This recently joined the 3d Urban Greenhouse Challenge organised by the WUR university in the Netherlands. This student challenge, open for students worldwide, is all about designing an urban farming site that significantly improves the quality of life of local residents in one of the most diverse lower-income neighbourhoods of Washington D.C.

Poverty, unemployment, and poor access to decent education, health care and affordable healthy food are complex issues in these neighbourhoods.  That is why this year´s challenge is called the Social Impact Edition. 

The Urban Greenhouse Challenge starts in November 2021 and will run until June 2022.

Eat This joined as a so-called Vision & Alliance partner. Our participation is a natural result of the experience and knowledge we’ve gained by participating in ‘Countryside, the Future’ in the Guggenheim Museum last year. We now look forward to enhance the visibility of the Eat This platform and all its contributors in the United States and strengthen our network. Focus lies of course on connecting with society and transmit the message of accessibility for all when it comes to healthy food, produced in a sustainable and efficient way.

We strongly agree with the goals of the challenge:

  • Educate future leaders and change makers
  • Contribute to sustainable innovation
  • Increase the awareness about the big challenges of our times, and present a hopeful outlook on the future

We look forward to work with the involved companies, organizations and student teams in this interesting challenge! Click below to see the project´s trailer video.

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Want to know more about the Urban Greenhouse Challenge?

More information on the the Urban Greenhouse Challenge website. Also, keep an eye on our website for updates on our activities and involvement!

Interested in becoming involved?

Wageningen University is still looking to expand its private partner network. Click for more information if you are interested to become a partner of the Urban Greenhouse Challenge