EatThis! Webinar Series

World Horti Center and Nethwork collaborated in organizing the first EAT THIS! webinar series, connecting thought leaders from the horticultural domain to their peers from outside the sector and have them discuss the future of food with each other in front of an online audience. Both organizations are convinced that inspiration stimulates change and improvement and that it’s necessary, now more than ever before, to look beyond the familiar frameworks. With EAT THIS! they wanted to inspire people and create connections in order to trigger new ideas and solutions for the future.
The first series has now ended. NethWork is working on follow up sessions, keep an eye on this website for more information! 

EatThis! Rem Koolhaas

World Horti Center and NethWork collaborate in giving follow up to the exhibition ‘Countryside – The Future’ initiated by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, that was opened on February 20 in the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The exhibition among others features the current and future developments in food production, especially what is happening in greenhouses.

The exhibition is currently closed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the production of cherry tomatoes in a closed, high tech production unit, situated in front of the museum on Fifth Avenue, continues. Right in the center of the world and the epicenter of the pandemic. The unit therefore, is a great metaphor and catalyst in the discussion on the consumption of healthy food, produced in a sustainable and affordable way. 
Rem Koolhaas, initiator of the exhibition ‘Countryside – The Future’ will be accompanied by Clemens Driessen, philosopher at Wageningen UR. Both gentlemen will share their vision on current developments and the future of horticulture in the Netherlands and beyond.

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EatThis! Clemens Driessen

Clemens Driessen, philosopher at Wageningen University, takes us on a tour of Westland in the early 17th century. He will argue how the Westland we know now, and its approach of total mastery and control of both plants and space was invented on this very spot 400 years ago. He will take us on a tour through the garden of Amalia van Solms behind the Palace of Honselersdijk: at the time ‘the Versailles of the North’ but today almost completely erased. We will meet illustrious figures such as Rene Descartes, Constantijn Huijgens and others who set out to revolutionize our relations to the natural world and invent our modern view of space. What would they think of Westland today? And what can we learn from this history for the future of horticulture?

During Clemens’ session we will explore how we can collectively imagine a food system that makes good on the promises of early modern thinkers and horticulturalists, while avoiding the pitfalls of their approach. After reaching technical perfection, do we need to rethink the culture of horticulture? What motivates a modern vegetable grower? Where is the politics and poetry in climate control?

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EatThis! Meiny Prins

Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva takes centre stage during this session. Besides leading Priva, Meiny is the visionary and driving force behind Sustainable Urban Delta, an initiative that wants to emphasize the already existing solutions available to make megacities livable. 

By creating Sustainable Urban Deltas, megacities turn into vibrant environments that embrace food production within urban areas, create new connections on a social, ecological, and economic level, and provide space for energy, social cohesion, property development and the climate.

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EatThis! Henry Gordon-Smith

This young entrepreneur, born in Hong Kong and currently living in New York, has become an expert on urban agriculture and connected his vision to Meiny Prins’ story on the Sustainable Urban Delta: the need for healthy and sustainable food production in cities.

Henry Gordon Smith is convinced that the implementation of horticulture in cities cannot be stopped. How exactly horticulture is being implemented, that always depends on a combinations of factors, goals and feasible solutions. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach for horticulture in cities. An element that is of growing importance now, is not only the yields per m2, but also what ‘green’ means for a city and its inhabitants. Both cities and the people that live there are asking themselves more and more, in what kind of environment do I want to live?

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EatThis! Dave Chen

Dave Chen, CEO of private equity firm Equilibrium Capital, sees a lot of opportinities in the greenhouse industry. The company has recently expanded into investing in the horticultural industry. By now, they’ve invested over $100 million in three large-scale greenhouse operations in the USA and they plan to commit $2 billion to indoor food production over the next five years.

Dave Chen discusses the need for sustainable investments, the positive impacht these investments will have and the link with controlled environment production. Also, Dave will share his vision on the value of the horticultural sector for society.

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EatThis! Jitske Kramer

Anthropologist Jitske Kramer will discuss the desire and inclination of individuals and groups for change. Her background, eagerness of learning and love of travel has brought her into contact with various cultures and prompted her to make surprising observations from which organisations and groups will benefit in times of transition.

Her fresh perspective as an outsider in the horticultural sector will shine a new light on organisational cultures, behaviour within sectors and leadership. She knows how to translate this into opportunities for the sector and will stimulate participants to give this topic some serious thought and make their voices heard.

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Foto Jitske Kramer - EatThis webinar serie

EatThis! Hidde Boersma

Hidde Boersma has a PhD in molecular biology and is an award-winning freelance science journalist, essayist and documentary film maker from the Netherlands. He writes for both daily newspapers and magazines, mainly covering biotechnology, genetics and bio ethics.

Over the past years, he has become an outspoken voice in the public debate on the future of the world, especially in the field of agriculture and food production.

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EatThis! Erin Fitzgerald

USFRA (US Farmers & Ranchers in Action) unites 1.6 million farmers and growers and puts them on one table to develop a common vision and strategy for the agricultural sector. The first impressive steps to achieve this have been made by launching the film and campaign ’30 Harvests’ in 2019.

Erin Fitzgerald is the brain behind this campaign and will share with the audience how she developed this vision and what her next steps and plans are to achieve that ultimate goal; create sustainable food systems in the next decade.

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Erin Fitzgerald - EatThis Webinar Series

EatThis! Jasper Claus

Jasper Klaus - EatThis Webinar Series

Jasper Claus is creative director and owner of the award winning company 1Camera. He collaborated with USFRA in putting the film 30 Harvests together. Storytelling is of utmost importance when sharing your ideas with others and ultimately convince others of your ideas. In Jasper’s opinion even the greatest vision starts with a powerful, personal story and this certainly led to the success of ’30 Harvests’, which has gone viral around the globe with millions of views.

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EatThis! Berry Marttin

Berry Marttin, born and raised in Brazil, is a member of the Managing Board of Rabobank. Over the course of his career at Rabobank, he has gained extensive experience as an international banker in both wholesale and retail banking working in various senior executive positions in Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Curacao and Brazil.

Mr Marttin moved to the Netherlands in 2004 to become Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rabobank Amsterdam. As from 2009 he joined the Managing Board with special focus on Rabobank’s international rural banking activities and further responsibilities including Leasing, the Sustainability domain, Rabo Research Food & Agribusiness, Rabo Partnerships and Rabobank Foundation.

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