Forever Plants on participating in a food network

As a producer of tropical green plants, Forever Plants seems to be the odd one out in a network that is all about the future of food. After all, their plants are not edible. Yet, to owner and director Erik Persoon, it makes sense to join the network: 

“A healthy future is not just about having access to safe and nourishing food,
but also about being connected to nature and breathing clean and fresh air. “

In this Inside-Out interview we get to know more about family company Forever Plants and their vision on the future. 

Erik, as a producer of tropical potted plants, how do you feel your product and mission connect to society and why is it important for you to be part of EatThis?

We specialize in creating a green environment in each home and office by providing our clients with beautiful Green Plants; thus bringing the natural forest atmosphere and clean air into daily life.

People need food, but they also need a green environment. We are no robots, we love to live in healthy, green houses, if we have the choice. Our goal is to provide the world with Green Furniture , a.k.a. Plants, to live and work in. We believe that the demand for a green environment is a structural one. Not a cosmetic or temporary one. But the consumer needs help, and has little knowledge of how to take care of their plants and green amigos. So, we need to provide them not only with plants but also with knowledge to live a greener life.

We run our business by using the 3P strategy: People, Planet and Profit. These three are equally important in our business plan. Since we believe relations, products and our strategy should last Forever this is our goal and mission. Of course, the knowledge on how to achieve these goals is constantly evolving and we never stop learning. That is why participating in an international network like EatThis is important for us. 

Forever Plants is a true family company. What are important values for you in your company and how do you connect them to the product you make and sell? 

Forever Plants is a family owned nursery business with 40 years of experience in producing Tropical Green Plants. My father started the company and my brother and I where the second generation. Now, Thom and Axel are the third generation in our family business.

We believe the future of agriculture and horticulture is all about feeding and greening the Mega Cities. And, of course, feeding comes first, but the world also needs enough clean air and a friendly green/natural environment to live in.

Our focus is on sustainability as we want to be around Forever. Maybe because we are a family run business, we are even more focused on the future. As for our goals to take care of the planet, we have already achieved a reduction of our Co2 footprint in energy use of 50% compared to 10 years ago, and we believe we can become 100% Carbon free by 2025.

At the same time, we try to keep our partners and employees happy and dedicate part of our profits to that goal; enabling them to live their lifes in comfort and evolve themselves as human beings. We love the see the Forever Plants Family grow and  this is our main source of energy and motivation. 

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