Bringing the #futureoffood to the table

EatThis. has invited three young and ambitious professionals to join us for an intensive 3-day residency program in the Dutch Westland area on 21, 22 and 23 June 2023. All three are already professionally devoted to connecting the world of food to society. With this residency program, we aim to accelerate their understanding of the horticulture sector and its potential, as well as create meaningful, intergenerational connections.

We host residencies like these to help overcome the gap between society and food, and between the cities and the countryside. People often don’t realize where their food comes from, and what it takes to facilitate their lifestyles.

If we want to create a sustainable #futureoffood, this gap needs to be overcome. To be able to create the ideal food system of the future, we first need to understand our history, and present. And we need to come around the table, and learn about all the actors and contributors to our food system.

In this residency, we bring #thefutureoffood to the table and connect them to some of the most outstanding companies and visionaries in the food domain. We want to thank Westlands Museum, Greenco, Tomatoworld, Geothermie de Vogelaer, Koppert, Blue Radix, Rijk Zwaan, Koppert Cress, Plukkerij Framblij, Ter Laak Orchids, Dutch Wasabi and the World Horti Center for opening up and making this possible.

Let's meet our residents

Environmental & Earth Scientist

Atoesa Farokhi

Often enough, city dwellers forget where their food comes from, and there is no insight into who and what is needed to facilitate their lifestyle. A sustainable transition requires closing this gap, which I am happy to commit to in my role as external cooperation coordinator of the Amsterdam Green Campus. To be able to do this work, a good understanding of the horticultural sector is crucial. 
Atoesa Farokhi

Board member SDG NL

Jens van der Duim

The way to someone's heart is through their stomach. We couldn't do that without horticulture, as it feeds the stomachs of people worldwide, something that many are not aware of. As a board member of SDG Nederland, connecting society is a value that I cannot let go of, and that's why I'm eager to gain even more knowledge about the horticultural sector, and excited to bring it forward in society.
Jens van der Duim

PhD Inclusive Food Transition

León Feenstra

The story of 'our food system' is at the intersection of all my interests and is one of the most important sustainability challenges. Food also has the power to bring us around the table. That is why, in my PhD research on the food transition, I ask questions like 'what does our future food system look like, and how do we get there?' I am eager to enter into this conversation with the Dutch horticulture sector.
León Feenstra

More about our in-residencies in horticulture

We believe that, in order to find solutions on how to feed the world without harming the planet, we need to collaborate and connect to society. We need to embrace possibilities and innovation and team up with artists, designers, economists, politicians, and creative thinkers to come up with new ideas for the future of food. Read all about our in-residencies here.