Farma Bezdinek greenhouse

Hungry Ecocities - European Experiment for innovation

In 2021, EatThis was invited by In4Art – a frontrunner in artistic experimentation – to join a high level consortium of famous art-studios (creativity) and 3 universities (science). A joint proposal for the EU was submitted, and in the summer of ’22 we learned that our application was awarded. We are proud to be involved in the EU Horizon project Hungry EcoCities.

EatThis and its contributors will represent the private sector in the project due to her knowledge, experience and innovative mindset in the transition towards more sustainable food systems and in the field of controlled environmental agriculture (CEA).   

The EU Horizon project Hungry EcoCities (HEC), is inspired by a book from Carolyn Steel where a core question of civilization, social, psychological and sustainable impact is put forward:

How do we feed a city? To answer this question, in this project, growers and agricultural specialists team up with artists, designers and creative thinkers to come up with new ideas for the future food system. Hereby we start from a European approach focused on human needs and values. 

HEC puts forward a high-level alliance between science, technology, and the arts, to effectively explore how digital technologies (AI) & applications can lead in turn to reduced food waste, more sustainable value chains, eco-friendly attitudes, and a more ethical food consumption.

Read more about this project here.