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Hungry Ecocities - European Experiment for innovation

What is the role that digital technologies can play in growing healthy, sustainable food? This is the question that the first Open Call of Hungry EcoCities aims to answer. The call is directed towards artists who are capable of exploring digital questions using a combination of technology and art within AI and digital technology domains.

Hungry EcoCities offers 10 artist residencies named Humanizing Technology Experiments, which will focus on the role of digital technologies in growing healthy, sustainable food. The selected artists will receive up to 40,000 EUR as a lump sum per Humanizing Technology Experiment.

With the aim of bringing together experts from various fields to work on developing innovative solutions that address the food-related challenges faced by cities. The Consortium is composed of a range of institutions from across Europe, including Brno University of Technology (CZ), In4Art (NL), KU Leuven (BE), Carlo Ratti Associati (IT), Studio Other Spaces (GE), Mendel University (CZ), EatThis. (NL), and FundingBox (PL).

Through a collaborative effort, the Consortium aims to develop digital prototypes, art-driven AI components, and artistic artworks within one of the three creative knowledge hubs. These efforts will be supported by research experts and mentors in the field of food systems and AI. The overall objective of the project is to experiment with the future of food on a large scale, creating a more healthy, sustainable, responsible, and affordable agri-food system enabled by AI.

When we look at the impacts of food production through the lenses of climate, equity, and health, we see that our system is wasteful, damaging to the environment, and exacerbating issues like obesity and malnutrition. Access to healthy, sustainable, and affordable food is a fundamental human right, and we must work towards addressing these challenges and building a better food system.

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for the first Open Call of Hungry EcoCities before May 15th, 2023, at 17:00 CET. 

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