Alejandro Saenz from Saenz Fety explaining the Eat This story on the future of food

From Colombia to the World: sharing horticulture's story

At Eat This, we think efficient and sustainable production of healthy food is important and this story should be shared much more! Also, and maybe specifically, in these uncertain times.

Together with Alejandro Saenz, commercial director of Saenz Fety in Colombia, and product developer Bart van Meurs in the Netherlands, we designed the Eat This ‘story of horticulture’. It premiered in November 2022 at the Agrofuturo Expo in Colombia.

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EatThis wants to find an answer to the most pressing issues of our time:

  • How to feed a growing population?
  • How to improve diet and health of people?
  • How to preserve our planet for future generations?

We believe that together we can unlock the infinite intelligence of nature and produce food in a more sustainable and smart way. By mimicking the best of nature in a controlled environment, we can grow more and better food with less resources.

We’re making the artwork available to all contributors to our network. It can be printed in various sizes. Please contact Renee Snijders for more details.