System Change Leaders Week in Costa Rica

From 22 to 30 September 2023, EatThis. hosts the System Change Leaders Week that is set to take place in the captivating backdrop of Costa Rica. This year’s event follows a very succesful Future Leaders Week 2022, that took place in the Netherlands.

During this year’s event, a select group of around 20 future and current leaders from the horticulture and food tech sector will convene for a week of exploration and innovation on system change.

At the heart of this occasion is Costa Rica itself, a wellspring of inspiration. With Don Alvaro Umaña, the architect and driving force behind Costa Rica’s reforestation process, as a guiding light, the week promises fresh perspectives on the realm of our future of food.

Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare for an enlightening week of shared insights and forward-thinking conversations. Together, we’re on the cusp of reshaping the landscape of horticulture and food for a more sustainable future.