who we are

The EatThis network was founded in order to connect horticulture companies with society in the search for sustainable solutions for food production. The COVID-19 crisis made all levels of society abundantly aware how fragile the world we built is. It also showed us how we as a society can change our ways. Our current food system has created enormous benefits, but we have also known for a while that the way it is currently organized will not work for the future.

EatThis wants to create a movement. It wants to trigger people, consumers and businesses alike, to change the way we think about our shared nature, our food and our health. We want growers and agricultural specialists to team up with designers, economists, politicians, and creative thinkers to come up with new ideas for the future of food.

EatThis is not here to make profit, but to promote change and find sustainable solutions for food production. To show unfulfilled potentials. To spur inspiration. To question, and explore ways to improve. To promote building a more resilient, healthy and durable future for all.

You can read more in our position paper.

our team


Ed Smit - founder and key connector

After holding several key positions in the horticultural sector in the Netherlands, Ed founded Jungle Talks, a platform for supporting the international horticultural sector. Ed is based in Costa Rica.

Renee Snijders - new generations connector

Renée has a background in international trade relations and horticulture, connecting business, education and science forging new sustainable solutions and collaborations.

Peter van der Sar - connector

Peter has a background in connecting entrepreneurs with real-world innovation at TNO and Syntens and more recently as an independent consultant focused on horticultural companies.

Board members:

Peter Maes - Chairman

Chief Strategy Officer at Koppert

Stijn Baan

Marketing Director Koppert Cress.

Atoesa Farokhi - Participant to the horticulture residency program

Atoesa Farokhi

Environmental scientist & Coordinator External Collaboration at Green Campus.

Board member of the Eat This network

Stephan Petermann

Owner and founder MANN.

what we do

EatThis was established in 2019 to manage the contribution of the horticultural sector to the large-scale exhibition ‘Countryside, the Future’ by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. The exhibition is now on view in the Guggenheim Museum in New York until February 2021.

Following the opening of the exhibition in February 2020, EatThis has been initiating follow up activities. Among others we organised the Eat This! webinar series featuring thought leaders from the horticultural domain and beyond sharing their vision on sustainable solutions for food production with an online audience. is the main platform to inform horticultural professionals and interested individuals about healthy and sustainably produced food.

EatThis also stands for an expanding network of leading private companies and organizations from the world of horticulture that develop more activities, projects and events.

We bring the best minds from the creative sector, growers, thinkers, scientists and politicians together to develop ways of creating a healthier, more sustainable and affordable food environment for all.

eatthis network

If you are active in horticulture and want to collaborate with us to share a powerful message of providing everyone with healthy food, produced in a sustainable and efficient way with the rest of the world, do contact us for more information. We look forward to add more purpose driven, forward thinking companies and organizations to our international network.

The EatThis network currently consists of 40+ companies. Click here to see who the EatThis contributors are.

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