Eat This in a Box

A mobile container-like fresh vegetables production unit that is transportable and can be moved around the globe. Eat This in a box is able to efficiently and sustainably grow tasty food without any connection to the electrical grid and show the benefits of horticultural production to the public at large by doing.

Following the success of the production unit on 5th Avenue as part of the exhibition ‘Countryside, The Future’ in the Guggenheim Museum in New York, a similar production unit is destined to travel the world.

Recently, Eat This contributor Saenz Fety has formally kicked off ‘proyecto Ahora’ or ‘project Now’. Have a look at the project´s trailer below.

The article continues after the video.

Proyecto Ahora*: A completely self-sufficient production unit is bound to arrive in Colombia, Bogota where it will serve as focal point during the AgroExpo in Corferias from October 22 to November 1. The production unit as such is built by Eat This contributor Infinite Acres and inside you’ll also find installations from contributors Hortilux, Metazet Formflex and Priva. Click for more info on our network of contributors.

In addition,  Sáenz Fety together with local partners  Universidad de los Andes, Minagricultura, Enel X and Corferias but also Holland House, Embassy of the Netherlands and of course Eat This is organizing additional events and promotions in the period preceding the AgroExpo. Please keep an eye on this page for more detailed information and an activity calendar in due course!

In any case the project seeks to transform the mindset regarding agriculture and the necessity, now more than ever, to understand the concepts regarding responsible production and consumption, thus promoting care for our young generations and preserving the land for future ones to come.

“We embrace possibilities, innovation and teaming up with designers, economists, politicians and creative thinkers to propose new alternatives for the future of food. But above all, we need to learn from nature. Nature perfected the processes long before we got involved. By having nature as our teacher, we can do what has always been possible: feed the entire world”,

 Alejandro Sáenz, Corporate Relations Director at Sáenz Fety.