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By 2050, Earth will have 2 billion extra inhabitants. At the same time, major parts of the world will face droughts and water shortages, which will highly impact regional food security. On a shorter term, obesity is increasing at an alarming rate. And to reach the 2015 Paris climate goals, CO2 emissions need to be reduced. Combine all of that with a 100% increase of water usage in agriculture since 1960 and a strong reduction of biodiversity, and you’ll end up with one of the most pressing issues of our time.

The EatThis network seeks to find an answer to How To Feed the World by finding sustainable solutions for food production

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We need to find an answer on how to feed the world without harming the planet. Look after our current generations, while preserving Earth for the future ones. To achieve this, we need to collaborate. Connect to society. We need to embrace possibilities and innovation and team up with designers, economists, politicians and creative thinkers to come up with new ideas for the future of food.
But most of all, we need to learn from nature. Nature perfected processes long before we got involved. By having nature as our educator, we can do what’s always been possible: feed the world.

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