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EatThis is a growing network of international, private companies active in horticulture that strive to connect their sector more closely to society by sharing sustainable solutions regarding the future of food.

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current projects


Hungry EcoCities

The EU Horizon project Hungry EcoCities (HEC) puts forward a high-level alliance between science, technology, and the arts, to effectively explore how digital technologies (AI) & applications can lead in turn to reduced food waste, more sustainable value chains, eco-friendly attitudes, and a more ethical food consumption. EatThis and its contributors will represent the private sector in HEC due to her knowledge, experience and innovative mindset in the transition towards more sustainable food systems and in the field of controlled environmental agriculture (CEA).

EatThis In Residencies

We believe that collaborating is essential to create the future of food. That's why we facilitate inspiring meetings, discussions and more ‘on location’ in order to introduce professionals from other sectors to the world of horticulture. We kick off in the spring of '21 with a 3-week retreat with philosopher in residence Clemens Driessen from the Wageningen University.

EatThis in a Box

Following the success of a food production unit on 5th Avenue as part of the exhibition ‘Countryside, The Future’ in the Guggenheim Museum in New York, a similar production unit is destined to travel the world. The EatThis in a Box is a mobile container-like unit that produces fresh vegetables. It is off-grid and can be moved around the globe to teach the public about the benefits of horticultural production.

'Countryside, the Future' exhibition in Guggenheim

The Guggenheim museum exhibition ‘Countryside, The Future’ by the world famous architect Rem Koolhaas confronted urgent socio-economic, constitutional and environmental issues. Read on about how EatThis was involved in the exhibition.

Foto Jitske Kramer - EatThis webinar serie

EatThis Meetups

EatThis starts and hosts conversations with the world on the link between horticulture and sustainable production of healthy food. In collaboration with our contributor World Horti Center we have hosted a series of online sessions, matching visionary food sector players to designers, philosophers, architects and other creatives to inspire and connect and to look differently to future of food.

contributor events

Read more about the events we organize for our rapidly growing network. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about the benefits of becoming a contributor.

Unconference & other events

The EatThis network currently consists of 35+ contributors from all over the globe. We host international and online meetups to connect and come up with refreshing ideas about the future of food.

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